Plalking: A Holistic Approach to Mental Well-Being and Stress Reduction

It advances good mental health and mitigates stress.

Published: 7 months ago
Brian Rougeau
Plalking is a holistic approach towards wellness


My feeling is that plalking is a holistic approach towards wellness. It intertwines physical, mental, and environmental wellbeing.
Physical activities, like plalking, reduce stress and improve our mental state.
When we engage our muscles and stabilize our breath, many physiological responses occur. The body releases endorphins which act as natural mood elevator. They reduce feelings of stress and produce a sense of joy.
Plalking does all this.
This cleanup activity also attends to our psychological and emotional needs. It cultivates a sense of accomplishment and purpose, propelling our intrinsic motivation. It amplifies feelings of self-worth and satisfaction.
Then there’s the act of spotting litter, bending, and picking it up. It demands your attention and presence. This mindful engagement becomes a form of moving meditation. The repetitive physical actions and focused attention can induce a state of calm.
It’s a natural antidepressant.
I enjoy using kitchen tongs that are dedicated to this activity. They force me to bend or squat to pick up the litter.
It’s a great workout, and you do get into the zone, as they say. And for a guy who recently received the privledge of a senior’s discount, keeping the body moving is key.
That said, there are picking tools that allow you to pick litter while standing upright. This helps if you want a less intense workout or have physical issues. I do like kitchen tongs though because they are lightweight and portable.
 My partner and I are trying to integrate plalking into our weekly routine. It transforms everyday exercise into a meaningful ritual. We both work indoors all day so it is a great way to get out and connect with our environment. It improves our physical and mental vitality. A physical routine that can also cleanse the mental clutter.
Making it a regular activity can offer respite from anxiety. It can offer a mental break in your daily, weekly or monthly life.
Plalking is an act of self-care.
Our hope is that this activity not only increases individual wellness but also the community’s wellbeing. When my partner and I plalk, we converse and work towards a common goal. It’s a way to feel joy from a shared mission.
We hope that when we gather to plalk with others, we can have a collective impact. Experiences like this are important for mental health.
Plalking can have a ripple effect.
I think plalking drives change. It creates subtle shifts in our understanding of environmental protection. Seeing people plalk can encourage bystanders to reflect on their own actions. It can inspire others to join in.
In our recent effort to clean our surrounding streets, people have noticed. On more than a few occasions this past summer, someone has stopped to thank us.
That can feel good.
What’s also feels good, is placing a bag of collected trash and recyclables in their proper bins.
This type of exercise is an embodiment of holistic well-being. It improves our mental, physical, and environmental health.
As we walk along downtown streets, bending to pick up litter, we’re uplifting our mental state. We’re also making connections, and advocating for a better planet.
Winter is approaching but if you wish to get involved in the spring, join the community.
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